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Generate barcodes

The barcode functionality must be enabled in openBIS by a group admin (https://labnotebook.ch/index.php/docs/admin-documentation/enable-barcodes/).

To generate new barcodes, go to the Barcodes Generator in the main menu under Utilities.

Users can select:

  1. The type of barcode to generate:
    1. Code 128
    2. QR Code
    3. Micro QR code
  2. The number of barcodes to generate
  3. The layout:
    1. Split: one barcode per page
    2. Continuous: several barcodes in one page
  4. The width of the barcode
  5. The length of the barcode

After selecting the desired parameters, click the Generate Barcodes button.

Using barcodes

When samples are registered, users can scan and assign barcodes to them:

  1. Go to the Parents section in the sample form
  2. Click on the barcode icon
  3. Scan the barcode of the sample
  4. Click Add Objects

It is possible to use either openBIS-generated barcodes, or existing barcodes (on purchased products, for example).